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Monday, February 01, 2010

Chewing gum and helium experiment

There is a YouTube video about an experiment with gum and helium, creating a balloon that can lift a person.

Using the law of hydrostatics, the driving force must be at least equal (as can be seen in a certain part of the video) to the weight of the man with the balloon..


P = I

Replacing the weights by m g and knowing that clip_image002[6]


we have


The mass of the man will be


Substituting the values



we obtain


and we can drawing the graph mH = mH(R)


We have, for a mass exceeding 65 kg, the diameter of the balloon will be greater than 5 m.Therefore, by observing the video, is not the case.

The person has a high less than 2 m, the diameter of the ballon is much less than 2 m.

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