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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Physics Buzz: How to Build a Spectrometer with Just Three Household Items

A PhysicsBuzz article show us how to build a spectrometer with simple stuff that we have at home!
"A CD has the very cool property of behaving like a reflective diffraction grating. An ordinary diffraction grating is a grid of tiny, evenly spaced opaque lines on an otherwise transparent material. Light can pass through the material but it has to bend around the lines, which are about the size of a wavelength of visible light." in PhysicsBuzz

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Algae as biodiesel

Algae as biodiesel

"The development of fuels from algae is a trend that is beginning to gain strength in the U.S., where a small business become a reality project that Exxon Mobil, the largest company in the oil industry in America, only now beginning to study.

The PetroAlgae is one of the pioneers in the U.S. in getting fuel through the cultivation of algae as well as other bodies. This and other companies received with open arms the announcement of the powerful that Exxon Mobil will explore how to produce this fuel.

"We are excited about the step taken by Exxon, because it brings more attention to the industry and what we do," the agency Efe said the spokesman of PetroAlgae, Andrew Beck, during an event on global technology in New York.

Exxon Mobil announced the investment of 600 million in research on how to produce biofuels from algae, a task which gave the father of the human genome, the American scientist Craig Venter. The company expects results in six years.
The news may be even better than what is expected: "Our system produces biofuel, and also get a protein source ideal for feeding humans and animals," explained the spokesman of the company. The system - guarantees - was created so that the vegetable waste with algae and other microorganisms, resulting in a rich solid of vegetable protein.
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The studies with algae was made by portuguese scientist. Post January 2009

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Algas são combustí­vel muito sério - JN

Algas são combustí­vel muito sério - JN

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"A elaboração de combustíveis a partir de algas é uma tendência que começa a ganhar força nos Estados Unidos, onde uma pequena empresa tornou realidade um projecto que a Exxon Mobil, a maior empresa do ramo petrolífero na América, só começa a estudar agora." in JN

Contudo, foram os portugueses que realizaram investigações e deram relevância à possibilidade do uso de algas como biocombustí­vel. Post de Janeiro de 2009

Nissan electric car

EN: Nissan presents the electric car.

PT: Nissan apresentou carro eléctrico que pode levar baterias feitas em Portugal - JN

Nissan apresentou carro eléctrico que pode levar baterias feitas em Portugal - JN

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